A constituent part of a larger multi-media project, studying the concept of a micro generation described as Xennials, ‘Existentialist’ is a new blog, a creative and collaborative written account of an uncharted generation, that bridges the gap between two eras described as X gens and Millennials. 

Set in the peripheral of a small ex-mining village in the Gwendraeth Valley, at the dawn of a new era, these stories will attempt to provide a modern and un-clichéd perspective of Welsh-ness, and a rare look into one of Wales lesser explored culturally rich communities. Celebrating the wonder of childhood, friendship, and all things welsh, it will tell the tale of an 80s generation that saw the best of both worlds, old and new, while expanding the perspective of Welsh culture beyond its stereotypical archetypes.

Join me this September as I go back to see what was so different about our childhood compared to today, and that before it.

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